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The lord of the rings

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Pauly filter ring – galvanic matte finish

Pauly filter ring – anodized black

Pauly filter ring open on one side – The fine fabric

Brauner Valvet X / Nickel – with Pauly Popfilter P120 VT in aluminium case

Smoke test with Pauly P120 filter ring


The Pauly filter ring consists of two layers of a very fine and very elastic fabric, which is tensioned and glued to a perforated aluminum ring at a defined distance on both sides but to varying degrees. In vocal and voice recordings, the „Pauly“ is known and appreciated worldwide for its gentle and optimal effect, without negative influence on the frequency response, the liveliness and the sound image.

The perforated aluminum ring with its only 4,72″ in spite of its light weight (0,67 oz), is sturdy and torsion resistant. The pauly ring is available in the two classic microphone colors nickel and black. It is galvanized (nickel velours) or anodized (matte black). This makes the surface look high class and at the same time is easy to clean and hygienic.


The 41 holes of the Pauly filter ring are gently rounded at the edges, enabling the disturbing air stream from inside the two fabric planes to exit silently and quickly. As a result, the second fabric surface is strained considerably less by the air impact. Speaking or singing constantly creates air impulses, which the Pauly filter ring can partly reduce very quickly through its ring holes. In that way subsequent air impulses are given room immediately and no excessive air jam is created between the two fabric planes. The air streaming through the holes is redirected, thus not hitting the microphone capsule. That is another significant functional difference in contrast to competitors.


The two layers of the wafer-thin but resilient Pauly P 120’s cloth are applied with different tension to each side. This is done by hand as well as with mechanical help. Also, the fabric on each side is applied running in a different direction. The structure is soft, fluffy and diffuse. You can practically see through it, recognize the microphone and even read the text if necessary.
In addition to the described acoustic refinements, these are also considerable advantages of the Pauly P120 filter ring.


The Pauly pop filter became the standard in well-known recording studios all over the world, being used by numerous radio- and tv stations nationally and internationally and even being distributed by well-known microphone manufacturers as an add-on to their own product line, like Brauner and Schoeps.

The Pauly, as it is called in short, earned best marks in daily studio business on his successful campaign through Europe and the USA, South America, China, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Japan, all the way to Australia and even Tasmania. Note that in China, the heartland of the cheap pop killer, many Pauly pop filters from Germany are bought.

On top of recording vocals in big recording studios, the Pauly is successfully used in countless project studios, i. e. with the production of radio and tv commercials, audio books, newscasts, interviews and movie dialogue recording. The Pauly’s qualities became indispensable for these users.


To make the streaming of the air visible, we filled the Pauly filter ring with smoke between the two fabric screens. After a short burst of air from the outside, the smoke-air-mixture immediately finds the way of least resistance, namely through the ring holes. Only a small amount of the smoky air escapes through the fabric.

(Said process is documented in the photos on the left.)

pauly P120 T-35 Filter Ring..……. +Gooseneck in Action

Pauly P120 T-35 nickel galvanized on a t.bone microphone with spider
Pauly P120 T-35 galvanized black on a Brauner Valvet X with spider

Pauly goosenecks T-35 (nickel) – they remain in the place where they were bent.


A real Pauly is unmistakably and immediately recognizable by its perforated aluminum ring and the fine graphite-colored fabric. The 35 cms long gooseneck with its long-lasting buoyancy and suppleness makes variable use easy. This is based on the very best materials, excellent processing as well as technical finesse. A chrome nut sits at the upper end of the gooseneck. That doesn’t only look chic but has a practical purpose: as soon as the desired position of the filter ring is preadjusted by bending the gooseneck, the ring can still be fastened with it independently.


(Yes, you can wash it, but be careful!)

Please read the instructions before disinfecting or cleaning the filter ring (see menu item “Operating instructions” on this website).


The “T” in “T-35” is the short form for the German technical term “Tragewendel”, called “gooseneck” in everyday language. It used to be 30 cms long, now 35 cms to make handling even more practical and versatile. In contrast to its also bending competitors, the Pauly Gooseneck is characterized by a tight, durable strength with functional flexibility at the same time. With the Pauly Gooseneck, the filter ring can be easily placed securely on almost all microphone types and most tripods – and it remains in the place where it was bent.

For the American market the hole in the lower mounting flap is larger (5/8) so that the gooseneck can also be attached to microphone stands in the US as well as other countries using 5/8 Inch threads. paulyTon gladly provides the necessary flaps for users in Europe using 5/8 threads as well, including the necessary Allen key.

At this point, the new Pauly P 45 screw clamp must be mentioned. Together with the gooseneck it now offers even more mounting variants for Pauly filter rings, for which many have been waiting for some time.

(see menu item “Pauly accessories” on this website).

Neu! Die pauly P120 XX-Serie
.. mit Austauschfiltern
+T-35 Schwanenhals

Pauly Austauschfilter im Doppelpack nachbestellbar. (Nickel oder Schwarz)

Consisting of the perforated main ring and two wafer-thin replacement filters.

We present the new pauly P120 XX series with Replacement Filters. This variation does not have glued fabric on the perforated main ring, but wafer-thin rings, which are covered with the Pauly fabric, are placed on the perforated main ring from both sides. In studio operation, you always have hygienically clean filter rings for replacement and you can also change filters with damaged fabric immediately. The Pauly Replacement Filters can be ordered as a twin pack, coated in Nickel or Black. The filters are washable, preferably swirl in warm soapy water, then rinse with clear water and let dry in the air.

The excellent acoustic properties of the pauly Pop Filter are fully retained when designed with Replacement Filters.

The box P120 XX T-35 contains the perforated main ring, equipped with two replacement filters and two additional replacement filters in a jewel box. Also integrated is the 35 cm long gooseneck.

pauly P120+Adapter Cone

Pauly adapter cone with a filter on a swivel
Pauly adapter cone nickel
Pauly adapter cone black


For special recording requirements, paulyTon offers an adapter cone for attaching the Pauly filter ring to the swivel arm of a separate microphone stand. A removable reducer thread enables mounting to 5/8 threads, i. e. in the US or China. The Pauly adapter cone, attached to a separate microphone stand, is extremely versatile. That’s because when placed in front of a microphone it’s independent of that mic stand, thus being completely isolated from structure-born noise. The adapter cone is also supposed to help make the Pauly ring independent of its original mounts like gooseneck or spider clip.

pauly Screw clamp P45.

New: The alternative mount for fastening Pauly goosenecks. PAULY P45 SCREW CLAMP

There are moments in a busy recording studio when you’d like to quickly attach your Pauly with its gooseneck to another stand with another mike. That’s not so easy with the gooseneck flap, but it is with the new Pauly P45 Screw Clamp. With its technical elegance and practical handling, it’s an attractive mounting alternative to the Pauly pop filter that many have been waiting for.

It can be purchased as an accessory (color nickel or black) and fits every Pauly gooseneck. The original flap is unscrewed and the gooseneck can then be attached to the M4 threaded pin. Its technical elegance and easy handling make it a welcome mounting alternative for the Pauly pop filter in sound studio routine.

A new PaulyTon accessory – nickel or black

pauly Special Production Items

The P120-VT pop filter was designed specifically for the BMS2 elastic microphone mount of Brauner’s models Phantom, Phanthera, Valvet, and Valvet X. It was developed in a cooperation of paulyTon and Brauner. The actual filter equals the legendary P120, which offers optimum filtering of disturbing noises without any loss of sound quality. The pop filter is attached directly to the Brauner microphone mount of the P120-VT. The mini-telescope of the mount allows a variable distance of 25 to 65 mms (ca. 1’’ to 2.5’’) of the filter ring from the microphone.

PaulyTon P120-VT

Leo Sieg, Recording Studio Rostock – Germany

The name Schoeps enjoys a worldwide reputation and is associated with products that convince by their simple elegance and useful detail solutions besides their outstanding quality. Schoeps without a doubt belong to the most innovative microphone manufacturers in the business and have always gone their own way in development.

With exact measurements and technical inspections, Schoeps do not leave anything to chance. That’s why the microphone manufacturer examined the efficiency of the Pauly pop filter using costly technical proceedings and recording the excellent results in a near scientific documentation. The measurements and listening results were so convincing that Schoeps periodically carried the Pauly pop filter in their own distribution. For this purpose paulyTon developed mounts for the special demands of certain Schoeps’ microphones.

Schoeps advertised the Pauly P 120 filter ring with the slogan “If you want to set the tone, you cannot afford any technical weakness.”

Impressions of the new Schoeps vocal microphone V4 and seven Pauly pop filters

In spite of many “dahh” and “bahh”-sounds combined with lots of wind, no disturbing sounds can be heard in the recording. All voices sound natural and free – thanks to the use of seven Pauly pop filters in front of the highly sensitive Schoeps V4 vocal microphones.



Pauly P120 T-35 (nickel) on a Neumann vintage mount for the legendary M 49 microphone. And the matte black anodized Pauly ring with its fine fabric.

Pauly pop filters are not only used to record vocals but also with instruments that move a lot of air like flutes, brass, bass drums, toms, harps and others.

All pauly variants come carefully packaged

A noble solid black carton and a precisely fitting inlay perfectly protect the Pauly filter ring plus accessories during shipping and storage. Each box contains instructions in English and German as well as instructions for cleaning and disinfection (see menu item “Instructions” on this website).