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pauly Adapter Cone

Nickel or black

Pure aluminum matching German food regulations, i. e. containing no lead, is used for all Pauly products and for the adapter cone, too. Plus, aluminum possesses no magnetic properties and is very durable. Above all it can easily be galvanized or anodized. Aluminum is sturdy and light, an ideal hygienic and valuable material.
For special recording needs the adapter cone developed by paulyTon is available. It can be used to fasten the Pauly filter ring on the thread of a separate mic swivel. A retractable reducer thread allows fastening the ring on 5/8 threads, i. e. in USA or China. Putting the adapter cone on a separate stand makes it extremely versatile and independent of the microphone used. It is also supposed to help use the Pauly ring independent of its original mounts like the gooseneck or spider clip.

pauly Gooseneck

Nickel or black

The Pauly gooseneck T-35 / cm (13,78″) and its long lasting resilience provide the numerous possibilities to apply the Pauly pop filter. It is made from the best materials applying excellent workmanship. Pauly goosenecks are nobly galvanized with nickel or polished and painted black very durable. A chromium nut sits at the upper end of the gooseneck. It doesn’t only look chic but has a practical purpose: as soon as the desired position of the filter ring is preadjusted by bending the gooseneck, the ring can be fastened with it independently.
The flat oval flap serves the purpose of fastening the gooseneck on the thread of the microphone stand. paulyTon offers these flaps individually, either with a 3/8″ hole (EU) or a 5/8″ hole (USA).

pauly P120 Filter Ring

Nickel or black

The aluminum ring 120 mm (4,72″), equipped with 41 holes plus a threaded hole, is stable and torsion resistant. It’s available in the classic microphone colors galvanized nickel velour and anodized black silk matte.
The openings are gently rounded down at the edges so the undesired air stream from the inside (between the two fabric layers) can escape silently, and above all fast. This offers enormous acoustical benefits in contrast to traditional pop filters.

pauly P120 XX
Perforated main ring with 2 replacement filters for insertion

Nickel or Black

The new Pauly P120 XX-with replacement filters.
This variation does not have glued-on fabric on the perforated main ring, but wafer-thin rings, which are covered with the Pauly fabric, are attached to the perforated main ring from both sides. In studio operation, you always have hygienically clean filter rings to replace and can also change filters with damaged tissue immediately. As an accessory the Pauly replacement filters can be ordered in a double pack, the rings optionally nickel or black galvanized. The filters are also washable, it is best to swirl them in warm soapy
water, then rinse with clear water and let them air dry.

The excellent acoustic properties of the Pauly Popfilter are fully retained when designed with replacement XX filters.

pauly P120XX-Double pack replacement filter
for reorder

Nickel or Black

Two replacement filters are supplied in the jewel box – either in nickel or black

pauly Spider Clip

Nickel or black

The Pauly spider clip lets you attach Pauly filter rings on closed microphone spiders quickly and easily. It is a mounting variation of the Pauly gooseneck. The gooseneck has certain advantages, like fast handling and its looks. It is also nicely discreet and practical.

pauly P45 Screw clamp

Nickel or black

New: An alternative mount for
fastening Pauly goosenecks.

There are moments in a busy recording studio when you’d like to quickly attach your Pauly with its gooseneck to another stand with another mike. That’s not so easy with the gooseneck flap, but it is with the new Pauly P45 Screw Clamp. With its technical elegance and practical handling, it’s an attractive mounting alternative to the Pauly pop filter that many have been waiting for.

It can be purchased as an accessory (color nickel or black) and fits every Pauly gooseneck. The original flap is unscrewed and the gooseneck can then be attached to the M4 threaded pin. Its technical elegance and easy handling make it a welcome mounting alternative for the Pauly pop filter in sound studio routine.

Hey paulyton,

Thanks again for a great product. Used the pop filter today for the first time in a project.
Love the transparency it maintains while still protecting the mic from pops. Love the size too.
Just the right size which covers the mic mesh perfectly. No more script blocking filters!

D  U  N  C  A  N   S  H  I  E  L  S

Advertising spokesman for McDonald’s Corporation USA

(The one on the left is Duncan’s microphone with Pauly pop filter and Pauly P45 screw clamp mount on a broadcast boom.)

pauly Retaining bracket for gooseneck

Nickel or black

The flat oval flap with the hole serves to fasten the gooseneck on the thread of the microphone stand. paulyTon offers these flaps individually, either with a 3/8 hole (EU) or a 5/8 hole (USA).