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The Pauly pop filter is an indispensable tool to protect your voice recordings from disturbing artifacts originating from the human voice itself, such as plosives. This enables you to decisively enhance the quality of your recordings, avoiding problems in the later mixing process. The pop filter’s sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship ensure a strong but still gentle effect. When recording, frequency range and natural quality of the voice remain fully intact, while filtering pop sounds and disturbing artifacts of similar origin. Thus, your performance retains all of its vibrancy. This is the true strength of the Pauly Pop filter.

PAULY P120-T30 and P120-T30+C

After achieving the desired position of the pop filter by bending the gooseneck, simply fasten the ring using the shiny round lock nut. It is positioned between the tip of the gooseneck and the filter ring. Please do not tilt the grub screw while screwing the ring to the gooseneck.


The Pauly Spider Clip practically fits any closed spider mount of large membrane microphones. The clip is attached to the outer spider ring. Open the spider clip’s wing nut far enough to easily hook the front piston claw on the outer round bar of the microphone spider, turning it gently. Then gently re-attach the wing nut. Please avoid scratches on the spider rod with the attached protective tubes or a piece of adhesive tape.


The Pauly adapter cone, attached to the separate stand, is extremely versatile and independent of the microphone used. It should help to be able to use the Pauly ring independently of its original holders such as gooseneck or spider clip.


The filter ring should be positioned at a distance of 1,5 to 4 inches (4 to 7 cms) from the microphone, keeping the center of the ring and the center of the microphone capsule on one straight line. With each narrator / singer, the correct distance between the Pauly filter ring and the artist should be determined individually. Usually about 4 fingers wide – with quiet, intimate speech or vocal passages even a few centimeters are enough. (The tissue should not be touched with the nose or lips)! Should small tissue damage occur during use (except holes), this does not affect the good filter properties.


First, the original gooseneck flap is unscrewed. You can now screw the gooseneck onto the M 4 grub screw. A little snap ring attached to the screw provides a firm grip. An Allen key with a spare screw is included with the original gooseneck flap.


The filter can be disinfected by lightly spraying it with a colorless disinfectant but should be dry before recording. If disinfection is needed more frequently (after about 10 times), the ring should be soaked in warm water with a little dishwasher liquid without care substances, fabric softener and excessive scents or coloring for some minutes. Move it around gently, rinse in clear water, then shake off the water and let dry. If in a hurry, place the filter ring near a radiator, but do not use a blow dryer. This procedure cleans the filter fabric, removes any foreign objects and renders the fabric fluffy and elastic again: The Pauly is back to its optimal functionality.


With the fingernail on the outer edge, the used replacement filter is carefully to detach from the main ring. This is done in seconds. The new replacement filter has 4 small hooks on its inner side of the ring. When inserted into the perforated main ring, one of the hooks should be positioned directly in front of one of the numerous holes. Because then, with a little finger pressure, the other two hooks also snap into the holes of the main ring.

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