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pauly P120-Cone

Nickel or black

The special Pauly adapter cone is supplied with the Pauly pop filter. It enables you to mount the Pauly pop filter ring to the swivel of a separate microphone stand. Use of this variant is highly flexible, plus it’s decoupled from structure-borne noise caused by the microphone used. Delivery of the cone includes a reducing thread that goes from 5/8 inches (USA) to 3/8 inches (Europe).

119,00 Euro

pauly P120 T-35

Nickel or black

The classical version. The filter ring is delivered with the 35 cms long gooseneck with holding clamp and lock nut. The flap at the gooseneck which serves to mount it to the thread of the microphone stand, is available for Europe with a 3/8 hole and for USA, Canada, China and Australia and others with a 5/8 hole. Customers from abroad should state which flap variant is desired.

149,00 Euro

pauly P120 T-35+C

Nickel or black

This combination including gooseneck + adapter cone makes you more flexible and able to use the advantages of different fastening variants for the Pauly filter ring. The cone includes a reducing thread designed to go from 5/8 inches (USA) to 3/8 inches (Europe).
The adapter cone should also help with mounting the Pauly ring independent of its original mounts like gooseneck or spider clip.

The flap on the gooseneck which serves the purpose of mounting it on the thread of the microphone stand, is available with a 3/8 hole for Europe and a 5/8 hole for USA, Canada, China, Australia and others. Customers from abroad should state which flap variant is desired.

169,00 Euro

pauly P120 Spider Clip+C

Nickel or black

Filter ring + spider clip + c (adapter cone)
The combination for almost all big-membrane-microphones placed in a spider mount with closed bars. Add the Pauly Adapter Cone to use the filter ring on other microphones without a spider. A reducing thread designed to go from 5/8 inches (USA) to 3/8 inches (Europe) is included.

209,00 Euro

pauly P120 XX T-35
with Replacement Filters

Nickel or black

We deliver the Pauly P120XX T-35 in nickel or black incl. 35 cm gooseneck – traditionally in a chic PaulyTon box. The Pauly main ring is already equipped with two replacement filters. In addition, there are two replacement filters in the box.

195,00 Euro

paulyTon General information

All prices include 19% value added tax (VAT). No shipping charge within Germany. We ship worldwide. Ask for international shipping charges.

Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland receive their shipments with an attached invoice.

Orders from all other countries should be paid in advance. In these cases we send our invoice online as a PDF file. Fast transfers can then be made using PayPal or IBAN-transfer.

International shipping is usually handled by UPS. Shipping within Germany, to Austria or Switzerland is handled by DHL.

paulyTon Service

We offer a customer-oriented, friendly and fast service. Customers may ask us about any professional subject, we’re always ready to help. We also try to satisfy any special needs, i. e. an unusual color, a longer rod, or assistance with special mounts.
And: Our correspondence is always personal.

„Even though I’m standing here for a filter ring special test at the microphone, I always forward customer requests to our good PaulyTon service department immediately.“

Warranty: 3 Years

Service and warranty e-mail: order@paulyton.de
Service and warranty phone: +49 (0) 6406 8360248

paulyTon Good to know

Prices reduced by 19% for customers in EU (except Germany) and abroad:

All prices shown on the website are include German VAT of presently 19%. Customers based in the EU (based in Germany excluded) should include their valid VAT ID as a business with the order, will only be charged prices excluding German VAT. Not valid with private orders from within the EU.
Customers from Switzerland and countries outside the EU like USA, Canada, Australia, India, Turkey, Iceland and others – so-called third countries – will not be charged 19% German VAT. In these cases no VAT-ID has to be included. This rule also applies for private orders from those countries.

When ordering, please always state the desired color, nickel or black.

These parts can be ordered individually as an accessory or replacement:

pauly Adapter-Cone
Nickel or black
19,90 Euro
pauly T-35 Schwanenhals
Nickel or black

49,90 Euro
pauly P120 Filter Ring
Nickel or black
103,00 Euro
pauly P120 XX – perforated main filter ring with two replacement filters
Nickel or black
125,- Euro
pauly Spider Clip
Nickel or black
77,50 Euro
pauly P120 XX Replacement filters for reorder
as a double pack in the jewel case
Nickel or black

Changing a replacement filter

With the fingernail on the outer edge, the replacement filter is carefully detached from the main ring. This is done in seconds. The new replacement filter has 3 small hooks on its inner side of the ring. When inserted into the perforated main ring, one of the hooks should be positioned directly in front of one of the numerous holes. Because then, with a little pressure, the other two hooks also snap into the holes of the main ring.

35,- Euro
pauly P45 Screw Clamp
Nickel or black
28,50 Euro
pauly Mounting Flap for Gooseneck
Stck.: Nickel or black – 3/8 or 5/8 hole
6,90 Euro



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