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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

Three Models in a Proper Package

Pauly pop filter in packages Pauly pop filter in packages
  • P120 Cone with Asapter Cone
    P120 Cone with Adapter Cone

  • P120 T30 with Gooseneck
    P120 T30 with Gooseneck

  • P120 T30+C with Gooseneck and Adapter Cone
    P120 T30+C with Gooseneck
    and Adapter Cone
PaulyTon offers three SuperScreen combination packages, which apply to the various user demands, differing only in configuration and price. The characteristic filter ring is identical with all versions.

The classy black hard box and the precision laser-cut solid foam inlay provide optimum protection for the pop filter plus accessories during transport. Later in the studio, they serve as an ideal storing device. After loading and before shipping, the boxes receive an airtight plastic seal, so neither humidity nor dust can enter. Each box contains an English and German manual.

Model 1: P120 - Cone
The filter ring comes with the special Pauly-Adapter-Cone, which makes the Pauly.SuperScreen attachable to the boom arm of a separate mic stand. This model is extremely versatile and completely isolates the microphone in use from any structure-borne noise that could be caused by the pop filter. Removing the metric reduction thread enables mounting on any 5/8’’ U. S. thread. This model comes without a gooseneck.
Model 2: P120 - T30
The classic combination. The pop filter is mounted on the mic stand of the recording microphone with the high-quality 30 cms (ca. 12’’) gooseneck. It is only a real “Pauly” with the red dot in the dimple on the screw at the lower end.
The gooseneck is not shown on the the box label. “T30” stands for the German “Tragewendel/ 30 Zentimeter lang“ („Tragewendel“ being the technical term for gooseneck). This model comes without an Adapter-Cone.

Model 3: P120 - T30+C
This is the combination box with gooseneck and Adapter-Cone, giving you all the advantages of the various ways of mounting the SuperScreen. Again, the box label does not show the gooseneck. Still, “T 30” stands for “Tragewendel / 30 Zentimeter lang“ („Tragewendel“ is the technical term for gooseneck), and “+C” stands for “plus Adapter-Cone“.