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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

Brauner Microphones

  • Brauner pop filter with V Telescope
    Brauner pop filter with V Telescope

  • Brauner pop filter with V Telescope
    Brauner pop filter with V Telescope

  • The P120-VT pop filter was designed specifically for the BMS2 elastic microphone mount of Brauner’s models Phantom, Phanthera, Valvet, and Valvet X. It was developed in a cooperation of PaulyTon and Brauner. The actual filter equals the legendary P120, which offers optimum filtering of disturbing noises without any loss of sound quality. The pop filter is attached directly to the Brauner microphone mount of the P120-VT. The mini-telescope of the mount allows a variable distance of 25 to 65 mms (ca. 1’’ to 2.5’’) of the filter ring from the microphone.

Schalltechnik Dr.-Ing. Schoeps GmbH

  • Schoeps PR120S + CMC64
    Pauly P 120-S + Schoeps CMC 64
  • Schoeps cmc64V pr120sv
    Pauly P 120-SV + Schoeps CMC 64-SV
The name Schoeps enjoys a high reputation around the world and is associated with products that convince professionals with their simple elegance and work-oriented, detailed solutions. Schoeps undoubtedly rank among the most innovative microphone designers of the business and always went their own way in design and development.

Using precise measurements and close technical monitoring, Schoeps are not leaving anything to chance. That is why the microphone designers analyzed the effectiveness of the Pauly pop filter in an elaborate technical prodedure already in 1988, documenting the results on a scientific level 22 November, 1988.

The results of the measurements were so convincing that Schoeps included the Pauly pop filter in their distribution. For that purpose, PaulyTon designed specific mounts fitting the bodies of certain cylinder-shaped Schoeps microphone models.

Schoeps advertised the Pauly filter ring, using the slogan:

„If you want to lead the way, you cannot afford weak spots in your equipment“.

We still find this an immensely reasonable attitude. To this day, Schoeps keep distributing the Pauly special models PR 120 S and PR 120 SV worldwide. These tools have long established themselves as important accessories for cylinder-shaped microphones that are being used in sound studios, radio stations or outside sound trucks.