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Pauly.SuperScreen - Der Popfilter, der die Stimme natürlich lässt

The P120-Spider Clip

  • Pauly Spider-Clip
    P120 Spider Clip with Neumann U47 and shock mount
  • Pauly Spider-Clip
    P120 Spider Clip nickel coated and night black
  • Pauly P120 Spider-Clip im Detail
    P120 Spider Clip nickel coated, detail
The Pauly Spider Clip provides fast, easy and attractive looking mount of Pauly Filters on microphone spiders.

It’s an alternativ to the Pauly gooseneck. The Spider Clip carries certain benefits like mounting without any resulting structure-borne noise, faster handling, and attractive optics. It is nice and unobtrusive.

Following the paulyTon-tradition, all components are made by hand and produced in Germany.

The Spider Clip is available in the two classical microphone colors black and nickel velour. Parts are not painted, but galvanized, like with most studio microphones, giving the Spider Clip a noble appearance and making it durable and easy to maintain as well as it matching the respective microphone. Although a combination of a black mike and nickel Spider Clip or vice versa looks fantastic, too!

paulyTon is developing a telescopic rod as an accessory to the Spider Clip. It can be fixed to fasten the clip on certain spiders that are not closed at the front. As soon as this accessory is available, we’ll inform you on our website. Until then the variety with the gooseneck works flawless, obviously.

Like all Pauly pop filters, the Spider Clip is delivered in the classy black box. The content color is noted with a colored sticker. The box contains a Pauly Adapter Cone as well as Spider Clip and Pauly SuperScreen, providing a more versatile use for the filter ring. Also, a couple of transparent covers to protect the spider ring are included.