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P120 XX T-35 with Replacement Filters

Advanced pop filter concept for fast filter changes and high hygienic requirements

01. Be able to use allways hygienically clean and reliable pop filters in studio operation:
Pauly P120 XX

02. Have a stock of optically perfect replacement filters to replace in case the fabric of the used filter is dirty or damaged:
Pauly P120 XX

03. Quick replacement filter change possible at any time, even during recording:
Pauly P120 XX

04. Always have maintained requirements for miking:
Pauly P120 XX

05. Quick replacement filter change on stages or at events:
Pauly P120 XX

06. Simply rinse used replacement filters:
Pauly P120 XX

07. Simply buy new replacement filters as accessories
at a reasonable price:
Pauly P120 XX

Pauly P120 XX

We present the new pauly P120 XX series with Replacement Filters.

This variation does not have glued-on fabric on the perforated main ring, but wafer-thin rings, which are covered with the Pauly fabric, are to attach to the perforated main ring from both sides. In the recording studio, in the private project studio or on stage, you always have hygienically clean filter rings to replace and can also change filters with damaged fabric immediately. As an accessory, the Pauly replacement filters can be ordered in a double pack, the rings optionally galvanized in nickel or black. The filters are also washable, it is best to swirl them in warm soapy water, then rinse with clear water and let them air dry. The tissue tension does not change!

The excellent acoustic properties of the pauly Pop Filter are fully retained when designed with Replacement Filters.

Changing a pauly Replacement Filter

With the fingernail on the outer edge, the Exchange filter is carefully to detach from the main ring. This is done in seconds. The new Replacement Filter has 3 small hooks on its inner side of the ring (see white arrows).  When inserted into the perforated main ring, one of the hooks should be positioned directly in front of one of the numerous holes. Because then, with a little finger pressure, the other two hooks also snap into the holes of the main ring.

The Pauly P120 XX – galvanized here in vintage nickel.

What’s included with the Pauly P120 XX series

We supply the P120 XX T-35 nickel or black + 35 cm gooseneck – traditionally in a chic black box. The Pauly main ring is already equipped with two Replacement Filters. In addition, there are two other Replacement Filters in the box.

The Pauly main ring, equipped with two Replacement Filters, is also available as an accessory. (Nickel or Black)

Separately, we offer twin pack Replacement Filters as an accessory. (Nickel or Black)

Two nickel-plated Replacement Filters and two black Replacement Filters.

Double pack Replacement Filters – well packed in a jewel case as accessories to order. (Nickel or Black)