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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

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PaulyTon offers three different combination packages serving the various needs of the users, differing in configuration and price. The characteristic filter ring with its 120 mms diameter comes with each version.

P120 Cone am Ständer
1. Pauly P120-Cone: 125,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
The special Pauly-Adapter-Cone is supplied with the filter ring. It enables you to mount the Pauly.SuperScreen on the boom arm of a separate microphone stand. This results in extreme flexibility of use while completely isolating the microphone in use from any structure-borne noise.
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P120 Cone am Ständer
2. Pauly P120 T-30: 149,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
The classic combination. The pop filter is mounted on the microphone stand of the recording microphone using a gooseneck.
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P120 Cone am Ständer P120 Cone am Ständer
3. Pauly P120 T-30+C: 169,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
The combination package with gooseneck and adapter-cone.

This combination package enables you to use any of the great mounting variations possible with the Pauly.SuperScreen.

Includes enlarged 5/8’’ mounting ear on the gooseneck for use in U.S. recording studios.
Also includes removable metric reduction thread for the adapter-cone for use in U.S.A. (5/8’’) or Europe (3/8’’).
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Pauly Spiderclip with Neumann U47 Microphone and shock mount
4. Pauly P120 Spider Clip+C: 209,00 €
(color: Nickel or Black)

The following components can be ordered as replacements:
Pauly Adapter Cone
(Nickel or Black)
19,90 €

Pauly Gooseneck
(Nickel or Black)
49,90 €

P120 SuperScreen
(Nickel or Black)
112,50 €

P120 Spider Clip
(Nickel or Black)
77,50 €

All prices include 19% VAT. (from 07/01/2020 – 12/31/2020 include 16% VAT)
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