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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

Instruction Manual

Your pauly Superscreen is a high quality product. The sophisticated construction as well as the high-grade workmanship provide optimum functionality. Despite filtering pops and noise, frequency range and natural character of the human voice are completely conserved.

P120 - T30 and P120 - T30+C:
When you have preadjusted the desired position of the pop filter by bending the gooseneck, please do not rotate the gooseneck in order to lock the filter. Rather lock the filter ring by turning the lock screw positioned between the tip of the gooseneck und the filter ring.

P120 - CONE:
The newly developed adapter cone serves to fasten the pop filter ring on the boom arm of a separate microphone stand. This makes the pauly Superscreen extremely versatile. As a result, even difficult recording situations can be managed thanks to the absorption of body-borne sound by the adapter cone and a resulting setup that is completely decoupled from structure-borne noise!

Please be careful not to tilt the cone in the thread when attaching it to the filter ring.

According to recording conditions, the pop filter should be positioned at a distance of 4 to 7 centimeters from the microphone, keeping the centre of the ring and the centre of the microphone capsule on one straight line.

Before cleaning, detach the filter ring from gooseneck or from the Adapter Cone! The pop filter can then be cleaned carefully in a lukewarm mild soap water (e.g. dishwasher liquid). Gently rinse in a bowl of clear water afterwards and slightly shake off the water and let dry at room temperature.


Since every human voice is different, and noise occurs differently with each speaker/singer, the correct distance between pauly Superscreen and speaker/singer must be determined individually.

Enjoy now the unrivalled performance of this truly professional pop reduction device.