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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

The Designer Hilmar Pauly

Pauly Pop Filters are now available in a very classy galvanized nickel finish or anodised black. The standard Nextel gray finish they came in to date is discontinued.

The Pauly Spider Clip. It fits most closed shock mounts of large membrane studio microphones and it’s chic and functional.
Hilmar Pauly Hilmar Pauly in his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
He was an old hand. Nothing in life could bring him down, he just flew through time, and he seemed to defy old age successfully. A schoolboy at heart, a Gyro Gearloose in his head – that’s what Hilmar Pauly was.

Hilmar Pauly, electrician, audio engineer, and innovator. In fact, he invented the best pop filter in history. That’s for sure. He didn’t simply manufacture his “SuperScreen”, as American musicians call it, with the help of suppliers. No, he even personally manufactured all the machinery necessary for production, even a device for gluing the cute labels on the cartons. Everything was handmade – all parts were made in Germany.

As a sound engineer in his own studio, which contained gorgeous vintage equipment from the sixties next to the digital racks, Hilmar Pauly often thought of the good old times, when recording technique supposedly still sounded warm and sincere.
That was his state of mind when, with his substantial experience as a precision mechanic, he invented the Pauly Pop Filter, which has become legend since. A high-tech-device that gently eliminates in a very special way pop and other air-flow-caused noise of the human voice before it can hit the sensitive microphone cartridge.

Word has long got around to America, Australia, Hong Kong or New Zealand. Even Paul McCartney experienced the advantage of the Pauly pop filter (see photos under “Celebrity voices”), and so the Pauly.SuperScreen years ago conquered the international market and became appreciated by major microphone manufacturers, e. g. Brauner and Schoeps.
Digital or analog – the Pauly.SuperScreen does not care. It always does its job most effectively, without frequency loss, without making the voice sound lifeless.
That way, voice recordings turn out essentially better – just really natural.

As natural as the nostalgic photo on top: Hilmar Pauly, his old Karmann Ghia, and the historic gas station in the background, where the dial still shows $ 0,51 per gallon, probably since 1966. Everything comes together in there.

Unfortunately, Hilmar Pauly, our „Gyro gearloose“, has passed away on November 16, 2019. Production of his legendary pop filters goes on achieving the same quality and applying the same care, supervised by Theo Werdin, his helping hand and friend of many years.

Hilmar Pauly was a master of his trade, the inventor and designer of the Pauly.SuperScreens – the pop filter that leaves the voice natural and makes sound technicians happy - worldwide.

The production of his legendary pop filters goes on achieving the same quality, using the same care and the same materials and machinery, supervised by Theo Werdin, his friend and helping hand of many years.